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November 16, 2009, 12:42 pm
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KEXP’s Rachel Ratner has meticulously created what she calls a “cartographic study of musical incest” that maps out the interconnectedness of the Seattle Music Scene, connecting everyone from Fleet Foxes to Botch to Nirvana and The Intelligence to the Fastbacks. She says, “[It] started out as a personal (and let me add, super nerdy) project of mine. I was trying to map out how the bands I’m in (Disclaimer: I’m in a few bands around town, including Partman Parthorse and Butts), and my friends bands, were interconnected.” She has also put together a KEXP podcast. She hopes that “in listening to this podcast, and looking at the map, you’ll get a sense not only of Seattle’s vibrant music scene, but how even when folks don’t realize it, we’re a lot closer to each other than we may think.” Click the above link to see more images, read more about the project and listen to the podcast. The map will be on view this Friday, November 20 at Cairo Art gallery as part of their Expo 87 music festival. Check out a piece of the map below, and follow the above link for the full thing.

KEXP bands

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