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This week KEXP launched a new 10-part series “Hip-Hop: The New Seattle Sound.” They picked ten of Seattle’s hottest local acts and are doing short radio stories on them. These ten talented performers will be profiled in the coming weeks: Blue Scholars, D Black, Vitamin D, Jake One, Fresh Espresso, RA Scion, THEESatisfaction, Macklemore, Dyme Def, and Shabazz Palaces. In these episodes, producer Michele Myers sits down with each artist and asks them to tell stories, talk philosophy or just rap. Then in the editing room, they illuminate the most memorable points with their music. The first episode is on the duo Blue Scholars, made up of MC Geologic and DJ/Multi-instrumentalist Sabzi. They talk about how their music is based on storytelling, what the “Seattle Sound” is for hip-hop and also give props to local producer Vitamin D and his former band The Ghetto Children, the people who laid the foundation for today’s new hip-hop scene. The intro to each episode is a rundown of Sea-town’s hip-hop history, told by the “Mayor of Seattle Hip-Hop,” Jonathan Moore. To listen to the first episode, follow the link.

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