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July 14, 2010, 11:43 am
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New York Times
When it comes to music these days, collaboration really is the name of the game. With an unprecedented number of competition in this digital age, musicians work like never before to garner interest, investment and industry deals. But new websites like Kickstarter and SellaBand make it possible for bands to use their increasing fan base to raise funds for their projects. Here’s how it works: an artist group sets up a Kickstarter project page, for example, to raise a set dollar amount for a particular goal, like recording an album. Friends and fans make pledges with a credit card tied to the Amazon Payments system, but it’s a conditional pledge. The cards are charged only if there are enough pledges to meet the fund-raising goal in 90 days. The site also hosts projects set up by photographers, filmmakers, writers and other artists. The trend is hitting the Seattle area. Musicians like Shelby Earle, whose latest album features collaborations with members of The Maldives, SHIM, Telekinesis, Long Winters and some former Fleet Foxes, is requesting friends, families and fans to act as patrons for her tunes. For more information about these websites, click on the link.

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