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August 4, 2010, 11:31 am
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Film distributors are using Twitter, Facebook and other technologies to draw audiences into cinemas. Worldwide scavenger hunts, comic book prologues, flash-mobbing, alternate-reality games and iPhone apps – just some of the tools used by studios in a bid to garner hype and attendance at the cinema. Nowhere is this movie-marketing arms race more noticeable than during the summer blockbuster season, as scores of big-budget extravaganzas vie for our attention in Hollywood’s most competitive market. The driver behind this change has, unsurprisingly, been the internet. Facebook is more popular than ever, and 2010 has been the year when the social-networking service Twitter has well and truly entered into the mainstream consciousness. With more access to potential consumers than ever before, it’s easy to see why movie marketers have embraced social networking. We no longer simply consume marketing campaigns; we’ve become active participants in them, as can be seen in the recent trend in transmedia storytelling. Today, the movie released in cinemas is just one part of a wider narrative jigsaw that stretches beyond the confines of the theater and across other forms of media. To read the rest of this fascinating article on the future of movie marketing, follow the link.

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