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Northwest Emmy Nominations
The Northwest Chapter of the Academy of Television of Arts and Sciences has announced their nominations for the 48th annual Emmy Awards last month. Included in the nominations are three films from local filmmakers that premiered on KCTS 9’s Reel NW series. Man Zou: Beijing to Shanghai is an independently produced feature-length documentary by local filmmakers from RAWSTOCK Media Jason Reid and Ian Connors. The film was shot in China in the fall of 2008 just after the Beijing Olympics and follows four American friends and their Chinese guide on a month long trip to bicycle 1,000 miles of China’s countryside. It explores (by bike) the environmental, economic and sociological issues facing China today, and intersperses the experiences of the team with the opinions of Chinese residents, expatriates and academics. Man Zou has been nominated for 2 awards for directing and editing. Paddle to Seattle: Journey Through the Inside Passage (J.J. Kelley, Josh Thomas, Ben Gottfried) and Sweet Crude (Sandy Cioffi) were nominated in the Topical Documentary category. Paddle to Seattle highlights the epic journey of two friends who build their own kayaks and paddle alone for 97 days in the wilderness. They capture and share their experiences from an adventure that takes them over 1,300 miles from Alaska to Seattle. Sweet Crude is the story of Nigeria’s Niger Delta and the human and environmental consequences of 50 years of oil extraction. The film examines a history of non-violent protest and profiles the members of a new insurgency who, in the three years since the filmmakers met them as college students, became the young men of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta. The 2011 Northwest Emmy Awards will be announced on June 11. Good luck to all Seattle filmmakers nominated for awards. Click on the link above to view the full list of Northwest Emmy award nominations.

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