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Easy Street Records
Sonic Boom Records
Silver Platters Records
Just in time for the onset of the summer, Seattle record stores are gearing up for the latest season of in-store live music performances, featuring local and global talent. All shows are all-ages and free of charge to the public unless otherwise specified. Silver Platters in Queen Anne will be hosting an in-store with William Fitzsimmons on Wednesday, May 11. Hometown blues-rock duo My Goodness will be playing at the West Seattle Easy Street on May 13 with a $5 cover. The Apache Relay is performing on May 14 at the Queen Anne Silver Platters. The Sonic Boom in Ballard will host Seattle’s Virgin Islands on May 14 and the Globes on May 18. Del tha Funkee Homosapien will be rocking the house at the Capitol Hill Sonic Boom on May 21, as will local band Grand Hallway on June 12. Catch Portland’s Viva Voce on June 22 at the Queen Anne Easy Street and Seattle’s most explosive hip-hop unit Shabazz Palaces on June 28! Mark your calendars and check out the links above for in-store performance times and details.

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