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November 15, 2011, 1:43 pm
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If you’re looking for tips or tricks to get your Kickstarter project off the ground, local project JourneyQuest could write the book on successful crowdfunding. When the “fantasy comedy web series” released their debut season, it became an instant hit and gained a solid following. Fans can watch the season in its entirety online, free of charge, and the show’s producers plan on keeping it that way. They decided to use crowdfunding techniques to pull together the $30 thousand to cover the first season’s expenses, as well as an additional 3k to film the second season. Upon the campaign’s launch in late September, fans jumped to action and amassed nearly $25k of their $60k goal in 48 hours. Within 11 days, the goal had been reached. As the makers of JourneyQuest watched their pledge total steadily surpass the original goal, they set their sights on a new one. Updates on the Kickstarter campaign page inform that at the $100k mark, they’ll be able to make a full length feature film out of the second season. The project is 10 days from ending, and they have a little over 8 grand to raise in that time. This project is a solid reminder that independent filmmakers can make it big with the powerful aide of a strong fan base.


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