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November 18, 2011, 3:53 pm
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In appreciation and recognition of Seattle’s long and illustrious film history, we are proud to partner with Scarecrow Video to bring you weekly reviews of historical Seattle films. Each week we will  showcase a new movie, with special emphasis on how these films show Seattle’s most filmable locations.

Edge of Honor (1991)

The one and only Corey Feldman stars in this mostly forgotten amalgamation of First Blood, Southern Comfort and Red Dawn that chronicles a battle between gunrunners and pseudo-Boy Scouts on the Olympic Peninsula. Edge of Honor was made entirely in Washington State so you have to give the filmmakers props for not sneaking over the Canadian border for some of the action.The film is set on the Olympic Peninsula but, aside from a few establishing shots of some beaches, Hurricane Ridge, and a brief scene at the Admiralty Head Lighthouse on Whidbey Island, it was mostly filmed in the woods near Sultan. A prologue explains that the Pacific Northwest fishing and logging industries have fallen on hard times leading to desperate choices on the “remote Olympic Peninsula” with its “miles of empty shorelines” and “impenetrable rain forests.” In other words, it’s a great place for making a living as a gun smuggler. The Feldster stars as a member of The Northwest Wilderness Explorers. Most people would mistake them for Boy Scouts and there are several references to the real Scouts, but the film’s producers wisely realized that the actual Boy Scouts of America would sue them shirtless, so they chose a different moniker. Feldman and a couple of pals stumble across a cache of heavy-duty weapons that are hidden in the woods. Corey quips, “Be prepared” when he unsheathes his Leatherman to cut into one of the boxes. The gang decides to hide the guns elsewhere and then return to camp. Little do the Explorers know that they have stumbled into the crosshairs of some brutal illegal arms dealers who soon show up in the camp with their guns a blazing. They mow down Scoutmasters and most of the kids but five of the boys (including Feldman) escape. Earlier in the film the bad guys ambush some other gunrunners with plans on taking over the peninsula’s entire gun biz. The leader is a Rainier Beer-swilling redneck named Bo Dubs (played by veteran actor Ken Jenkins, perhaps best known for being on Scrubs). Also in the gang is Patrick Swayze’s brother Don, oozing sleazy Swayze-ness. Besides exterminating their rivals, they massacre most of a family but Alex, the daughter (portrayed by Meredith Salenger from The Journey of Natty Gann), escapes. Feldman fans will remember that Meredith and Corey had previously worked together in Dream a Little Dream (which also featured that other Corey-Corey Haim). Eventually Alex and the surviving Explorers team up and use a variety of ingenious booby traps and lethal weapons to maim, injure and kill Bo and his gang of vicious gunrunners. If you ever wanted to see Natty Gann shoot a Swayze brother in the forehead, this is flick is for you. There is one scene filmed in Seattle that takes place on Harbor Island where Bo and a sidekick enjoy the view of the cityscape and meet up with their gun connection who is named Mister Sweet. Sweet is a very condescending and insults the “inbred peninsula” folks and their bad grammar. His Shakespeare-quoting henchman is named Blade (Christopher Neame) because he has a retractable knife hooked to his wrist. To prove he means business, Blade stabs Bo’s pal and throws the corpse into Puget Sound. Leaving a dead guy floating around Harbor Island seems like sloppy henchman work to me but practical logic does not have much place in a movie like this. Edge of Honor is only available on VHS and you can find it in Scarecrow’s “Bang” section. Evidently there is a “making-of” film called Edge of Budget that will, hopefully, be part of the film’s eventual deluxe DVD release but I’m not holding my breath.

-Spenser Hoyt

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