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Seattle Artists Performing at This Year’s Capitol Hill Block Party
July 16, 2012, 3:25 pm
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One of the premier music festivals in the country returns to the Pike/Pine corridor this weekend, featuring performances from national acts as diverse as Major Lazer, Diplo, Grimes, Cloud Nothings, and more. What makes the festival special for many Seattleites, however, is the local talent on display – more than 50 acts performing at this year’s festival hail from the Emerald City.

The 3-day event happens this weekend, from Friday, July 20, to Sunday, July 22. For more information on all the local artists performing, visit the links below.

FRIDAY, 7/20
Deadkill (Neumos, 4:15 PM)
Kung Foo Grip (Vera Stage, 5:00 PM)
Alicia Amiri (Cha Cha Stage, 5:45 PM)
SPAC3MAN (Vera Stage, 6:00 PM)
Black Breath (Neumos, 6:30 PM)
Vox Mod (Cha Cha Stage, 6:45 PM)
Fly Moon Royalty (Vera Stage, 7:00 PM)
Colonies (Barboza, 7:30 PM)
Blood Red Dancers (Cha Cha Stage, 7:45 PM)
Crypts (Vera Stage, 7:45 PM)
Nouela (Barboza, 8:15 PM)
Allen Stone (Main Stage, 9:15 PM)
Eighteen Individual Eyes (Barboza, 9:30 PM)
Keyboard Kid (Vera Stage, 9:30 PM)
Constant Lovers (Cha Cha Stage, 9:45 PM)
Fresh Espresso (Neumos, 10:15 PM)
Blue Sky Black Death (Vera Stage, 10:45 PM)
Nacho Picasso (Vera Stage, 10:45 PM)
Nordic Soul (Neumos, 11:30 PM)

Stephanie (Vera Stage, 2:00 PM)
Nightmare Fortress (Neumos, 2:00 PM)
Absolute Monarchs (Main Stage, 2:15 PM, Barboza, 5:30 PM)
Pollens (Neumos, 3:00 PM)
Lemolo (Barboza, 3:30 PM, Vera Stage, 8:30 PM)
Silly Goose (Cha Cha Stage, 3:45 PM)
Brent Amaker and the Rodeo (Neumos, 4:00 PM)
Beat Connection (Main Stage, 4:45 PM)
Hot Bodies in Motion (Vera Stage, 5:00 PM)
Slow Dance (Cha Cha Stage, 5:45 PM)
Tom Eddy (Vera Stage, 6:00 PM)
Pony Time (Cha Cha Stage, 6:45 PM)
Night Beats (Vera Stage, 7:15 PM)
Sandrider (Barboza, 7:30 PM)
Spaceneedles (Cha Cha Stage, 7:45 PM)
Western Haunts (Barboza, 9:00 PM)
Helms Alee (Cha Cha Stage, 9:45 PM)

SUNDAY, 7/22
Caspar Babypants (Neumos, 10:30 AM)
Freighms (Vera Stage, 2:00 PM)
FEET (Vera Stage, 3:00 PM)
Gold Leaves (Barboza, 3:30 PM, Vera Stage, 6:00 PM)
Kithkin (Vera Stage, 4:00 PM)
Crime Wave (Cha Cha Stage, 3:45 PM)
Mass Games (Cha Cha Stage, 4:45 PM)
Kris Orlowski (Vera Stage, 5:00 PM)
Haunted Horses (Cha Cha Stage, 5:45 PM)
Murmurs (Cha Cha Stage, 6:45 PM)
Skarp (Cha Cha Stage, 7:45 PM)
Dude York (Vera Stage, 8:20 PM)
Grand Archives (Barboza, 8:30 PM)
RA Scion (Barboza, 9:45 PM)
Don’t Talk to the Cops (Neumos, 12:25 AM)

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