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May 7, 2013, 1:00 pm
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Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)’s Northwest Connections program will highlight products of filmmakers from the Puget Sound region. With eight narrative features, six documentaries, and 34 short films screening, this is a fruitful year for the Northwest filmmaking community.

Seattleites see more films per capita than the residents of any other American city, and a growing number of these selections have their roots in the fertile Pacific Northwest film community. Each year, SIFF honors the many ways in which the Puget Sound region contributes to the world of cinema, whether it acts as an evocative location for outside filmmakers or as inspiration for local filmmakers ready to strut their stuff.

Here is the full list of Northwest Connections films for this year’s festival:

Alive and Well 


Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton

Dead Meat Walking – A Zombie Walk Documentary

Evergreen: The Road to Legalization in Washington 

Finding Hillywood

Her Aim Is True

Improvement Club


The Otherside

The Punk Singer



Touchy Feely

Unhung Hero

Seattle is also featured in the Fly Filmmaking Challenge 2013, with Seattle’s most iconic neighborhood locations supplying the backdrop of an incredibly entertaining program. With only three days to shoot, five days to edit, and three days of post-production, the most promising local educational filmmaking programs highlight the creativity of Washington’s filmmaking community. Fly Film Producer Washington Filmworks partnered with the City’s Only In Seattle campaign to coordinate filming in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, Georgetown, International District, and Fremont Neighborhoods. Participating filmmaking programs in this year’s program are the Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle Central Community College, Seattle University, and Shoreline Community College.

Here are short profiles of the eight Fly Filmmaking Challenge 2013 films, scheduled for May 27 and June 05 at Egyptian Theatre and SIFF Cinema Uptown, respectively:

A Gift

A Gift introduces Samuel Green, Washington State’s first poet laureate, whose poetry inspired The Only Time We Have. Samuel uses poetry to make sense of his life experiences as well as to better understand others.

Breathing in Wartime

Breathing in Wartime is a circular narrative that elides the transformation of an industrial district with the uncertain progress of its citizens.

Golden Silence

Inspired by a goldfish while attending a Humanities Conference, Derek Sheffield crafted a poem based on duality and symbolism which strongly inspired Curtis Taylor’s Breathing in Wartime.

It’s Music, People!

A glimpse into the world of Samantha Boshnack, an eclectic musician and diverse composer whose work provides the foundation for Ben Andrews’ The Three Stars.

The Only Time We Have

What does it mean to be the last in a lineage? The Only Time We Have explores the day in a life of an elderly man who reflects back on a sliver of time that changes the course of his life forever.

The Rhythm of Inspiration

Jovino Santos Neto, the artist who inspired Lulu Gargiulo’s Two Friends, details his journey through the transformative power of music, its link to nature, and the sounds that surround our everyday lives.

The Three Stars

Amid an atmosphere of mounting cultural and economic tensions, an innocent stopover brings a elderly shop owner, a business man, and his wife together in an unexpected and powerful tale of prosperity, longevity and good fortune.

Two Friends

Two Friends is a day in the life of Bobby, a gregarious 80-year-old nursing home resident and his caregiver Solomon, a shy African immigrant. In this unlikely relationship, we see that there’s more than one way to care for a friend.


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