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More information has been coming in about who from the Emerald City is making their way to the Lone Star State to perform at SXSW. The festival has been hot spot for the music industry with labels, producers, and distributors from around the world hoping to find the next big artist.  For six days, the city of Austin, TX will be inundated with bands hailing from every corner of the globeand Seattle has great representation among the showcases. Among the heavy hitters, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Allen Stone will be sharing the stage with the likes of 50 cent and Iggy Pop. Though big name artists come to perform, the festival is geared toward giving up-and-coming bands an opportunity to get picked up by a label. Seattle takes pride in its musical heritage and the list of local independent bands at the festival is impressive. Neumos and Chop Suey held send-off shows earlier this week for groups like Lemolo, The Pharmacy, and Spac3man. Fin Records is even hosting a Seattle showcase at the festival with Seacats, Rose Windows, and Lychee on the bill.  Our city boasts such amazing talent and it’s great to see it being represented at one of the world’s largest and most prestigious festivals.  Below is a compiled list of artists on their way to rock Texas Seattle style!

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February 28, 2013, 3:55 pm
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ImageCity Arts Magazine recently took a look at some of the best music that’s coming out of the Seattle area this year. Lemolo took their number one spot, and a big playlist with all of their highlighted bands is included after the jump. Here’s the full list of their Best New Music for 2013, with links to articles about the bands:

Best New Music 2013

1. Lemolo

2. Reignwolf

3. Deep Sea Diver

4. Kid Smpl

5. Kingdom Crumbs

6. La Luz

7. Rose Windows

8. THEESatisfaction

9. Wimps

10. Kithkin

Take a look and a listen at these bands.  Happy Listening Seattleites!


Gearing up for this weekend’s Capitol Hill Block Party (CHBP), SPIN has hand picked 6 Northwest bands playing the three-day festival that music-lovers should keep their eyes and ears on. Of the 70 plus bands playing the CHBP, the majority call Seattle their home. Some favorites pointed out by SPIN include the garage-influenced duo My Goodness, electronic wunderkinds Beat Connection, and the rollicking acoustic trio Ravenna Woods.

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July 8, 2011, 2:54 pm
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Onesheet is vying to become a premiere online space for artists to aggregate their music and social media presence in one place. Laid out as a basic website, it features a singular template musicians can use to upload music (a variety of streaming choices is available) and a bar at the top where they can link to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, etc.) or other online resources. The minimum upkeep required of a Onesheet site and clutter-free design make it an attractive option for those looking to maintain a simple online presence. The service is currently free and in the early stages of development. Founder Brenden Mulligan (who also started ArtistData) says future revenue for Onesheet may come later when premium levels of service are offered to artists for a fee.

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Seattle Weekly
In a retrospectively nostalgic and contemporarily exuberant recent piece of journalism from Seattle Weekly, “The Tuesday Night Music Club” covers the local music presence during the 90’s and ties it to the up and coming Seattle music scene today. The vignette recalls the “Tuesday Night” show slots as the lowest on the musical food chain, but also holding the most potential for breaking through and being heard. These smaller shows at the Crocodile Café and similar Seattle venues were the humble beginnings of grand musical careers such as Modest Mouse Death Cab, Harvey Danger, Murder City Devils, Pedro the Lion, Blood Brothers and Elliott Smith. As previously mentioned, the article looks not only backward, but hopefully forward at the burgeoning Seattle music scene and the new bands leading the heard. The piece highlights eight budding Seattle bands playing local shows similar to those epic “Tuesday Nights.” Featured bands include: Doctor and the Bird, Ole Tinder, Posse, Three Ninjas, Motopony, Legendary Oaks, Fly Moon Royalty and  Solvents (what! no The’s or Blacks in the names?). Click on the above link to read the article and check out the hot new “Tuesday Night” bands.

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