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Sea-Tac Launch Party Takes Over Link Light Rail Trains Tomorrow

Tomorrow, live music with emanate from Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail trains all afternoon. Riders will hear performances between 1 and 6pm to celebrate the launch of the Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative Experience the City of Music.
Artists performing tomorrow on Link light rail include:
– The Requisite
– Kristin Gaerlen
– Chad Knight
– Quixote Radio
– Whitney Ballen
– Josh Baez
– Justus Yearous
– This is Your Captain Speaking
– Gabriel Mintz
– Kris Orlowski

The party continues at the airport, and from 3 to 7pm, airport-goers will experience to new, hip, musically savvy airport. Everything from blues to electro-soul to Americana will fill Sea-Tac, and there will be performances by The Dusty 45’s, Fly Moon Royalty, Carrie¬†Clark & the Lonesome Lovers, Recess¬†Monkey.

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