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Sea-Tac Launch Party Takes Over Link Light Rail Trains Tomorrow

Tomorrow, live music with emanate from Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail trains all afternoon. Riders will hear performances between 1 and 6pm to celebrate the launch of the Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative Experience the City of Music.
Artists performing tomorrow on Link light rail include:
– The Requisite
– Kristin Gaerlen
– Chad Knight
– Quixote Radio
– Whitney Ballen
– Josh Baez
– Justus Yearous
– This is Your Captain Speaking
– Gabriel Mintz
– Kris Orlowski

The party continues at the airport, and from 3 to 7pm, airport-goers will experience to new, hip, musically savvy airport. Everything from blues to electro-soul to Americana will fill Sea-Tac, and there will be performances by The Dusty 45’s, Fly Moon Royalty, Carrie Clark & the Lonesome Lovers, Recess Monkey.

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“Experience the City of Music” Launch Event this Saturday



Join us in celebrating the launch of Sea-Tac Airport’s new Music Initiative this Saturday, January 28, from 3 – 7pm at the south end of the baggage claim area.  The event will feature video and streaming demonstrations, overhead announcements, mobile downloads and special live performances by:

–    6 p.m. – Dusty 45’s (upbeat rockabilly, swing and jump blues)
–    5 p.m. – Fly Moon Royalty (electro-soul duo)
–    4 p.m. – Carrie Clark & the Lonesome Lovers (roots, Americana, sass-a-frass)
–    3 p.m. – Recess Monkey (catchy, energetic kids rock)
Take the train! Additional performances by local musicians will take place onboard Sound Transit’s Link light trains travelling between downtown and the airport from 1pm – 6pm.  Performers include:
–    The Requisite
–    Kristin Gaerlen
–    Chad Knight
–    Quixote Radio
–    Whitney Ballen
–    Josh Baez
–    Justus Yearous
–    This is Your Captain Speaking
–    Three for T
–    Kris Orlowski
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