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More information has been coming in about who from the Emerald City is making their way to the Lone Star State to perform at SXSW. The festival has been hot spot for the music industry with labels, producers, and distributors from around the world hoping to find the next big artist.  For six days, the city of Austin, TX will be inundated with bands hailing from every corner of the globeand Seattle has great representation among the showcases. Among the heavy hitters, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Allen Stone will be sharing the stage with the likes of 50 cent and Iggy Pop. Though big name artists come to perform, the festival is geared toward giving up-and-coming bands an opportunity to get picked up by a label. Seattle takes pride in its musical heritage and the list of local independent bands at the festival is impressive. Neumos and Chop Suey held send-off shows earlier this week for groups like Lemolo, The Pharmacy, and Spac3man. Fin Records is even hosting a Seattle showcase at the festival with Seacats, Rose Windows, and Lychee on the bill.  Our city boasts such amazing talent and it’s great to see it being represented at one of the world’s largest and most prestigious festivals.  Below is a compiled list of artists on their way to rock Texas Seattle style!

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Seattle Japan Relief
In the devastating wake of last month’s natural disasters in Japan, Seattle’s creative community continues to reach out a helping hand. Here’s a round-up of upcoming local fundraising efforts and benefit events: Capitol Hill hotspot Chop Suey will host a “Pray for Japan” music event this Sunday, April 10; Raise funds for Tsunami relief and celebrate the one-year anniversary of Dumb Eyes/Unicorn’s monthly kaleidoscopic freak-out “Penetration” next Thursday, April 14; also on April 14 is the launch of “Help Japan with Art” at Boom Noodle Capitol Hill, a silent auction featuring 18 local artists and photographers who will donate 100% of sales proceeds to the Red Cross; local bands Pretty Enemy, UnHailoed, Elbow Coulee, Windowdogs and more will also come together May 13 at Seattle’s Club Motor for a Rock Relief Benefit Concert and lunch/dinner auction, where fans can bid on a meal to share with their favorite local artist. Additionally, Seattle vocalist Barbara Ireland is offering an exclusive free download of “Keep Breathing, Japan,” a beautiful ballad she wrote and recorded in response to the recent disasters, in exchange for donations to Japan relief. Follow the link above for even more information on how you can help, courtesy of newly-launched donations portal,

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February 24, 2011, 3:44 pm
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Chop Suey
Capitol Hill hotspot Chop Suey is seeking office interns! Applicants with musical and/or graphic design experience and inclinations are desired, however the venue is open to anyone with a passion for the business of nightlife. For those not in the know, Chop Suey is popular Seattle live music venue that features a diverse array of performances, comedy shows and other events throughout the year. All those interested can send a resume to Chop Suey will contact potential candidates to schedule interviews. Click the above link to learn more about the venue.

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January 20, 2011, 3:09 pm
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GigMaven, a website dedicated to helping artists connect to live music venues, has just expanded its services to our fair city. Via an innovative online interface that boasts more than 8,000 users, Gigmaven endeavors to streamline the often time-consuming booking and scheduling process for both independent musicians and the venues which host them. The site has already joined forces with a number of Seattle hotspots, including Nectar Lounge, Neumo’s, Chop Suey, Gallery 1412 and Lo Fi Performance Gallery, and will also feature venue searching and promotional assistance tools. Here’s the kicker: the service is all free! For more information on Gigmaven or to register your band, follow the above link.

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October 12, 2010, 11:36 am
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Seattle Weekly
Seattle favorite State of the Artist has a new track out featuring another local fave, Champagne Champagne. And guess what? You can check out the song for free by clicking here. It’s called “What You Asked For,” and it’s off the hit album Seattlecalifragilisticextrahelladopeness. Parker Reddington says of the track, “It is really about what it takes to put out and create what is expected of you as an artist, the toll it takes on your personal life and also how it makes you feel to do that, and be successful at it.” Another bit of stellar news: State of the Artist and playing a free show at Chop Suey this Thursday at 8 pm with Mad Rad. That’s right. Tons of State of the Artist and other fabulous local acts all for free.

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August 20, 2010, 11:37 am
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Seattle Times
It’s kind of gross outside today, but the organizers of Trust, Chop Suey’s monthly dance party, are determined to fend off the chills and clouds by grooving to some of Seattle’s finest DJs. The party’s hopping at the Red Lion Hotel this Saturday, and it’s complete with live sets, BBQs and a full bar. Expected disc jockeys include Mr. Supreme, Kyle “Kid Hops” Hopkins, DJ Riz, Introcut and Sun Tzu Sound. The best part? The party’s free. Check out the link for more info.

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Lynn sheltonSeattle PI
The MTV online series “$5 Cover,” which award-winning Seattle director Lynn Shelton is filming, will finish shooting in Seattle in the next two weeks.The series is a fictional account of a typical weekend in the lives of a handful of Seattle bands, including Whisky Tango, The Lights, The Moondoggies, Champagne Champagne and The Spits. Shelton, who was given complete control over the project, picked them not only for their music but also for their relationships. From story to setting, art imitated life. Most of the stories were either adapted from things the bands had gone through or could have, Shelton said, or the locations were cast as carefully as the bands, with starring roles for venues such as Chop Suey, the Tractor, the Blue Moon Tavern and Wild Rose. Read up on “$5 Cover” at its MTV site. The Seattle season is set to premiere some time this winter.