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October 18, 2012, 11:34 am
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Seattle’s Scarecrow Video, which may the nation’s largest surviving independent video store, opened an in-house coffee shop, and is in the process of building-out a screening room to draw in customers. Open for 24 years, Scarecrow has built up a shining reputation, even beyond Seattle, for its impressive array of 117,000-plus movies. Still, this success has sometimes been a hindrance. “We have a lot of buzz and a lot of good-will built up, but I think everyone tends to assume that we’re doing well and they don’t need to come in and support us,” says Jen Koogler, Scarecrow’s marketing coordinator. Beyond students and professors, clientele come from all walks of life and seek out all genres. “We’re known for having everything. A lot of VHS and laser discs that simply were never released on DVD,” says Koogler, who also produces blogs and video podcasts for the store.

October 15, 2012, 12:32 pm
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As the saying goes, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman.” However in the world of film, it appears that behind 2011’s 250 top-grossing films, only a shocking 5% are women directors. This issue sheds light on the much-debated topic about the presence (or rather, lack of) women in film.  However, some might argue that women do have a place in Hollywood by citing Kathryn Bigelow’s big win at the Oscars. During the 2009 Oscars, Kathryn Bigelow shook the film industry by winning the award for Best Director, making her the first woman in history to achieve the top honor. Although her win paved the way for women filmmakers around the world, female film creators are still struggling to keep this glimmering flame of hope ablaze especially with the numbers proving otherwise. Yet, setting an example for Hollywood as the future of film, NFFTY is currently made up of 30% female directors.

Mayor McGinn Proclaims June 22 “Grassroots” Day in Seattle
June 20, 2012, 10:26 am
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Seattle has a long and diverse history of grassroots campaigns, and the feature Grassroots, shot right here in town, tells the story of one such campaign. Directed by Stephen Gyllenhall, the film is based on the book Zioncheck for President, a true account of the quirky 2001 Seattle City Council race between Grant Cogswell and Richard McIver. Grassroots played recently at the SIFF closing night gala, but if you didn’t catch it then, you’ll have a chance to see it at the Harvard Exit when it opens on Friday, June 22 – a day Mayor McGinn has proclaimed “Grassroots Day” in Seattle. Stephen Gyllenhall is planning to attend all showings from Friday to Sunday. The production of Grassroots was made possible by the Washington State Film Incentives program.

Northwest Film Forum: Filmmaker & YouTube Guru
June 1, 2012, 10:22 am
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Sunday, June 3 at 7:00 pm, join filmmaker and YouTube sensation Len as he shares short vignettes of his travels on planet Earth and the stories behind them. In 2007, Len uploaded his first video on YouTube, $250,000 in My Pocket and I Still Can’t Get a F%^*!$g Cab! Five years and almost 400 videos later, his channel has surpassed 10,000,000 views, including have the No. 1 most-watched video in the world for a day. For more ticket information and details of the event, visit the Northwest Film Forum website.

May 11, 2012, 10:31 am
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For the first time in its 38-year history, Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) has chosen two locally made films for its Opening and Closing Night Galas: Lynn Shelton’s Your Sister’s Sister and Stephen Gyllenhaal’s Grassroots.  The festival is also screening six feature films shot in Washington State that were incentivized by the Washington Film Competitiveness Program which was renewed this year.  And if that’s not enough, the festival boasts over a whopping 50 locally-made films that will be screened during the 24-day festival.  For more information and screening times on all the Washington-made documentaries, shorts, features, and local programming, visit the links below.

Documentary Feature
The 5,000 Days Project: TWO BROTHERS / Rick Stevenson
The Long Ride Home / Thomas Lee Wright
Lost Years / Kenda Gee, Tom Radford
The Revolutionary / Lucy Ostrander, Don Sellers, Irv Drasnin
Short Life / Scott Levy
Welcome To Doe Bay / Nesib CB Shamah, Dan Thornton

Documentary Short
The 5,000 Days Project: ONE AMERICA / Rick Stevenson
Honor the Treaties / Eric Becker
Still Playing / Dacia Saenz
Typecast Dragon / The Last Quest
Visionary Insight / Tracy Rector, Lou Karsen

Documentary Short (Adobe Youth Voices)
Life Challenges / Sharon Lou, Vivian Chen, Molly Zhong, Xin Yi Li
A Nourishing Journey / 5th Grade Students at South Shore K-8

Camilla Dickinson / Cornelia Duryée Moore
The Details / Jacob Aaron Estes
Eden / Megan Griffiths
Fat Kid Rules the World / Matthew Lillard
Grassroots / Stephen Gyllenhaal
Ira Finkelstein’s Christmas / Sue Corcoran
Safety Not Guaranteed / Colin Trevorrow
Your Sister’s Sister / Lynn Shelton

All My Presidents / Connor Hair World
Animated Amusements / Bob Venezia
Aornos / Steve Demas
Atomic Theory and Chemistry / Jon Behrens
Bobby Ellis is Gonna Kick Your Ass / Craig Packard
Brightwood / L. Gabriel Gonda
Bunker / Kim Voynar
C.B. / Nathan Williams
Cassini Mission / Chris Abbas
Catch and Release / Barbara Mones
Coffee & Pie / Douglas Horn
D.C.I. / Lacey Leavitt
Erasable Cities / Salise Hughes
Forced Entry / Joe Jacobs
The Last Virgin / Shawn Telford
Out / Blaine Ludy
PostHuman / Cole Drumb
Recess / Craig Snyder
The Return / Jeremy Mackie
Reviens Moi / Tracy Rector
Senior Showcase / Lindy Boustedt, Kris Boustedt
Spinning / John Jacobsen
Things Left Behind / Nathan Williams
The Third Floor / Adam Sekuler, Shannon Stewart
Thumb Snatchers From the Moon Cocoon / Brad Schaffer
The Unorthodox / DJ McCoy
The Whale Story / Tess Martin

Short (Adobe Youth Voices)
Shattered Dream / Hualian Xu, Yin Jiang, Weiming Ma, Rongshan Zhao
The Face of Facebook / Alexis Lee

Short (FutureWave)
Before The Music Ends / Ashley Armitage, Gina Mattassa
Invisi Bill / Nicholas Smit
Skate and Scratch / Sean Christ
Zartha / Carleigh Ellwood

Short Program
Fly Filmmaking Challenge 2012
SeaTown Shorts
SuperFly 2012 World

May 4, 2012, 12:20 pm
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From The Heart Productions
Celebrating their 20th year providing grants to exceptional filmmakers, the Roy Dean Summer Film Grant is now taking applications. They give over $30,000.00 in goods and services from top people in their industry like DuArt, Silver Sound, Unilux, and Edgewise. They want films that are unique and make a contribution to society and fund docs, shorts and low budget features. Visit their site for full information, past winners, application and list of awards. Everyone who applies gets a free film financing consultation with Carole Dean, author The Art of Film Funding.

The Music of Film: Q&A with Joshua Morrison and Jeramy Koepping
May 3, 2012, 11:10 am
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City Arts Magazine
Jeramy Koepping is best known as the founding guitarist and producer behind chamber-pop group Grand Hallway. His friend Joshua Morrison, an Iraq war veteran, has garnered accolades for his dark and lovely acoustic performances and incisive songwriting. A couple of years ago, a chance encounter with filmmaker Megan Griffiths during the filming of a KEXP documentary led to Morrison and Koepping composing the score for Griffith’s debut feature, The Off Hours.  Hannah Levin sat down with both Koepping and Morrison to discuss their work on The Off Hours. 

Volunteer to Support the Future of Film!
April 4, 2012, 1:53 pm
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National Film Festival for Talented Youth
NFFTY needs hundreds of volunteers to help before, during, and after the festival to make it a success. This year will not only have the best youth filmmakers in the world in attendance – but the all new expanded programming for film fans.  Volunteer Orientation is April 14th from 1-3pm.  It’s your chance to support the future of film, and to earn a free one-day pass to NFFTY!  Sign up here.

What do you think about the passing of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Bill?
March 23, 2012, 11:45 am
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Media, Inc.
Now’s your chance as a filmmaker, or a member of cast or crew working in Washington, to respond to the recent renewal of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Bill. Media Inc. will compile your answers and they will be included in the upcoming issue of the Magazine and online. Comment on the article page, or drop them an email at to let them know what you have to say. Media, Inc. publishes a number of online and print magazines, and hosts a valuable resource list for the creative industries in the Northwest.

The bill passed the Senate (40-8) and House (92-6). The Governor has until March 31st to sign the bill into law.

Blue Scholars Announce Cinemetropolis Short Film Contest
March 8, 2012, 12:41 pm
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Blue Scholars
Seattle Hip-Hop group Blue Scholars has announced that submissions are open for the Cinematropolis short film contest. The Cinemetropolis album is a soundtrack, the band says, and they want fans and filmmakers to create a video/short film under 5 minutes in length, using any track they’d like. Deadline for submissions is midnight on April 6th. Get all the details on the Blue Scholars website.