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Call to Action: Washington Filmworks Urges You to Write Gregoire Today

The film incentive bill may have passed in the House and Senate, but it is still pending Governor Gregoire’s signature. Gregoire must take action before the end of the month in order for the bill to become a law. Washington Filmworks urges you to write Governor Gregoire today and encourage her to sign the bill.

Breaking News: Washington State Film Incentive Passes

The Washington State Film Incentive Bill has passed! The 92-6 vote is all due to the amazing community and industry turnout in support of this jobs building program. Special recognition to Amy Lillard and everyone at Washington Filmworks for their tireless work since last June, and to Frank Chopp for making sure the bill got to the House floor for a vote. Governor Gregoire has 20 days to sign the bill in to law.