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March 18, 2011, 2:44 pm
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The House I Keep
The House I Keep, a locally-produced short about a young mother’s emotional struggle to come to terms with her miscarriage, is an official selection at next month’s Tallahassee Film Festival. Hailed by actor/director Bruce McCulloch (Saturday Night Live, Superstar) as “a work of quiet genius,” the ten-minute drama unfolds as a catharsis for Seattle writer/producer/director Jhene Erwin, whose own experiences with miscarriage helped to inform the film’s narrative. “As the [project] evolved it easily transcended my experiences into a universal story of loss and redemption,” Erwin says on the film’s website. “There is a kind of madness that can infiltrate one’s life with any significant loss. It can at times be a necessary comfort but if its logic is allowed to completely envelop the psyche, the road back to sanity is hard to find.” The Talahassee Film fest runs from April 6-10. Be sure to visit the link above for more on The House I Keep.

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