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September 16, 2010, 10:34 am
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Rolling Stone
Three of Seattle’s finest record stores appear on Rolling Stone’s list of The Best Record Stores in the USA: Top 25 Spots for Unique Vinyl and CDs. The list profiles Easy Street Records(#5), Sonic Boom Records (#16) and Jive Time Records (#21). The article describes Easy Street: “the second store opened in Lower Queen Anne, near the Space Needle, and there was no further question as to which of Seattle’s CD stores was best. Beyond the DVD wall, the impressive array of magazines and books, generous number of box sets, and thorough metal selection, the LQA’s secret weapon is a neatly arranged, dauntingly thorough vinyl selection where you’re as likely to find cool disco rarities as the new limited-edition Beck 7-inch.” About Sonic Boom they write, “Sonic Boom has enough space for in-store performances and an array of new titles, indie and major, and while the vibe skews toward the former, there’s little snobbery to be found either there or in the recently relocated Capitol Hill location.” Finally, their description of Jive Time, “Located in Seattle’s charming Fremont district, Jive Time is a modest-seeming local store whose holdings belie its size. There are bigger vinyl specialists in town, but few offer the kinds of bargains you’ll find here — the $3 bins (four records for $10) are full of good stuff, and the more collector-oriented sections feature lots of terrific vintage R&B, including an enviable selection of P-Funk titles.” Congratulations to the stores and their abundant fans. Follow the link to read the full article and to see who else placed on the list.

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