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Today the New York Times published a piece about Seattle’s incredible commitment to jazz education at the high school and now college level. The article highlights Roosevelt and Garfield high schools, who combined have won the national Essentially Ellington competition seven out of the past ten years. While many of these young musicians go on to study at New England conservatories and gig in New York, an increasing trend is to return to their supportive Northwest hometown. Local educators and musicians such as Clarence Acox, Scott Brown, Matt Jorgensen, John Gilbreath, Andy Clausen and Riley Mulherkar are quoted and mentioned. To read the entire article, please follow the above link. For even more New York Times coverage of our beloved scene, click here. The Times’s Popcast also focuses on the major players in Seattle jazz.

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The 2009 Earshot Jazz Festival, one of the nation’s most eclectic and protracted festivals of its kind, begins and ends its three-week run with reminders of what qualifies Seattle as a great jazz city. Assiduously engineered by Earshot director John Gilbreath, the event, which is more of concentrated series than a festival, aims to challenge and educate as much as entertain. It brings in musicians American audiences (let alone Seattle audiences) seldom get to see — somewhat unfamiliar names who are doing much of the work of innovating and redefining of jazz. Earshot features more than 50 concerts and also makes generous use of local talent. It opens Friday night at the Triple Door with the Garfield High School Jazz Band, which won this year’s prestigious Essentially Ellington competition in New York.