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Tribeca Film Festival
Filmed in LA, but shot with distinct Seattle style and backed by Humpday production team Joshua Leonard, Jennifer Maas and Steven Schardt, Treatment directed by Sean Nelson and Steven Schardt, will premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Selected out of 5,624 other entries in a record year for submissions, the film will be in the international independent “Viewpoints” category. Viewpoints is new to Tribeca and offers 11 narrative features and nine documentaries as a snapshot of international independent cinema. These 20 films will immerse audiences in distinctive perspectives, from documentaries grounded in the intimate stories of real-life characters to narratives that stretch the stylistic potential of the medium. Schardt recently produced the MTV webseries $5 Cover: Seattle, Joshua Leonard who plays the main character Leonard was a comedic sensation in Lynn Shelton’s Humpday. The plot of Treatment revolves around Leornard who convinces his best friend Nelson to bankroll his stint at a glitzy L.A. rehab clinic so he can pitch a movie idea to mega-star Gregg D, his blind ambition begins to consume him. The film is a witty, ridiculous, and sincere tale of co-dependent friendship on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Treatment will have its world premiere at the festival; check the link above for more info on the Seattle infused film and all the other Tribeca selections.

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February 12, 2010, 12:19 pm
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Joshua Leonard, Jennifer Maas and Steven Schardt – the team behind indie comedy Humpday – has come back together for Treatment. Treatment, penned by actor-writer Sean Nelson (The Freebie) centers on an unsuccessful screenwriter who checks in to an exclusive rehab to pitch an A-list star his project. Leonard is set to star in the comedy, Maas will serve as producer and Schardt is making his feature directing debut. Schardt recently produced the MTV webseries $5 Cover: Seattle. Filming of Treatment is currently underway in Los Angeles.

December 17, 2009, 3:34 pm
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The AV Club
The AV Club praised the local film saying, “Duplass, Leonard, and director Lynn Shelton succeed in making an outrageous premise utterly plausible, while scoring consistent laughs out of the tension between two men who truly love (and secretly envy) each other.”

July 10, 2009, 11:18 am
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AV Clubjoshua leonard
Joshua Leonard, star of Lynn Shelton’s wonderful new comedy-drama Humpday, may look familiar. A decade ago, he and some other neophyte actors/filmmakers took cameras into the woods and came away with The Blair Witch Project, one of the biggest, most influential independent films of the past 20 years. Thanks in part to a brilliant viral marketing campaign, Project grossed a fortune and inspired a poorly received quickie sequel and a vast ocean of spoofs. The low profile Leonard has maintained over the past decade while toiling steadily in film as an actor and director actually works in Humpday’s favor. He’s able to disappear completely into the role of an artsy, straight bohemian drifter who ambles into the life of domesticated former college buddy/fellow heterosexual Mark Duplass and ends up agreeing to appear in a gay sex tape with him as a strange post-modern art project. That premise sounds gimmicky, but its execution is thrillingly naturalistic. The A.V. Club recently spoke with Leonard about Blair Witch madness, growing up, and working without a script or a net on Humpday.

July 10, 2009, 11:01 am
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Seattle Times
Critic Moria McDonald calls Humpday a “beautifully acted” film that “is, at its heart, about friendship.” The made-in-Seattle film, a third feature for local writer/director Lynn Shelton, has two men at its center. Ben (Mark Duplass) is that guy in the mirror, married to Anna (Alycia Delmore) and living a responsible if somewhat uneventful life. Andrew (Joshua Leonard) is his buddy from wilder college days, an artsy drifter who turns up unexpectedly on Ben and Anna’s doorstep one night. Their friendship is rekindled, and a night of partying leads to a dare.” For more of this review click the above link.