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Seattle Artists Performing at This Year’s Capitol Hill Block Party
July 16, 2012, 3:25 pm
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One of the premier music festivals in the country returns to the Pike/Pine corridor this weekend, featuring performances from national acts as diverse as Major Lazer, Diplo, Grimes, Cloud Nothings, and more. What makes the festival special for many Seattleites, however, is the local talent on display – more than 50 acts performing at this year’s festival hail from the Emerald City.

The 3-day event happens this weekend, from Friday, July 20, to Sunday, July 22. For more information on all the local artists performing, visit the links below.

FRIDAY, 7/20
Deadkill (Neumos, 4:15 PM)
Kung Foo Grip (Vera Stage, 5:00 PM)
Alicia Amiri (Cha Cha Stage, 5:45 PM)
SPAC3MAN (Vera Stage, 6:00 PM)
Black Breath (Neumos, 6:30 PM)
Vox Mod (Cha Cha Stage, 6:45 PM)
Fly Moon Royalty (Vera Stage, 7:00 PM)
Colonies (Barboza, 7:30 PM)
Blood Red Dancers (Cha Cha Stage, 7:45 PM)
Crypts (Vera Stage, 7:45 PM)
Nouela (Barboza, 8:15 PM)
Allen Stone (Main Stage, 9:15 PM)
Eighteen Individual Eyes (Barboza, 9:30 PM)
Keyboard Kid (Vera Stage, 9:30 PM)
Constant Lovers (Cha Cha Stage, 9:45 PM)
Fresh Espresso (Neumos, 10:15 PM)
Blue Sky Black Death (Vera Stage, 10:45 PM)
Nacho Picasso (Vera Stage, 10:45 PM)
Nordic Soul (Neumos, 11:30 PM)

Stephanie (Vera Stage, 2:00 PM)
Nightmare Fortress (Neumos, 2:00 PM)
Absolute Monarchs (Main Stage, 2:15 PM, Barboza, 5:30 PM)
Pollens (Neumos, 3:00 PM)
Lemolo (Barboza, 3:30 PM, Vera Stage, 8:30 PM)
Silly Goose (Cha Cha Stage, 3:45 PM)
Brent Amaker and the Rodeo (Neumos, 4:00 PM)
Beat Connection (Main Stage, 4:45 PM)
Hot Bodies in Motion (Vera Stage, 5:00 PM)
Slow Dance (Cha Cha Stage, 5:45 PM)
Tom Eddy (Vera Stage, 6:00 PM)
Pony Time (Cha Cha Stage, 6:45 PM)
Night Beats (Vera Stage, 7:15 PM)
Sandrider (Barboza, 7:30 PM)
Spaceneedles (Cha Cha Stage, 7:45 PM)
Western Haunts (Barboza, 9:00 PM)
Helms Alee (Cha Cha Stage, 9:45 PM)

SUNDAY, 7/22
Caspar Babypants (Neumos, 10:30 AM)
Freighms (Vera Stage, 2:00 PM)
FEET (Vera Stage, 3:00 PM)
Gold Leaves (Barboza, 3:30 PM, Vera Stage, 6:00 PM)
Kithkin (Vera Stage, 4:00 PM)
Crime Wave (Cha Cha Stage, 3:45 PM)
Mass Games (Cha Cha Stage, 4:45 PM)
Kris Orlowski (Vera Stage, 5:00 PM)
Haunted Horses (Cha Cha Stage, 5:45 PM)
Murmurs (Cha Cha Stage, 6:45 PM)
Skarp (Cha Cha Stage, 7:45 PM)
Dude York (Vera Stage, 8:20 PM)
Grand Archives (Barboza, 8:30 PM)
RA Scion (Barboza, 9:45 PM)
Don’t Talk to the Cops (Neumos, 12:25 AM)

July 1, 2011, 3:02 pm
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To celebrate the release of Black Up on Sub Pop Records this week, Shabazz Palaces is performing the second of two shows booked at Neumos tonight. If this Seattle Weekly review is any indicator, it’s a performance you will not want to miss. Both The Stranger and The Seattle Times are heralding tonight’s concert as a recommended show attend, and the album has been glowingly reviewed everywhere from New York Magazine to the Los Angeles Times to The Guardian. Although initially media-shy, Shabazz Palaces mastermind Ishmael Butler has opened up about his project in several lengthy interviews and continues to put Seattle on the map as a city that is home to incredible music.

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May 20, 2011, 12:28 pm
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Film Industry Night on Facebook
Directors, writers, actors, composers and film lovers alike are welcome to attend the first-ever Film Industry Night happening at Neumos on Wedneday, June 1. The inimitable Warren Etheredge will be your host for the evening, which organizers say “promises to be a night of cross-cultural delight, booze, and plenty of schmooze.” Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with local filmmakers like Megan Griffiths (The Off Hours, which can be seen at SIFF 2011), Dan McComb (of the forthcoming Beyond Naked), Jagger Gravning (of the imminent Wallflower), Adam Sekular (Empty Hollow Echo) and many more! The event will also feature musical performances by Grammy-winning artist Pete Stewart along with local artists Whitney Mongé, James Coates, and The Unfortunates. Click the link above for more details about Film Industry Night and to RSVP for the event.

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February 11, 2011, 4:06 pm
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Seattle Times
Seattle acts Shabazz Palaces and THEE Satisfaction might find solidarity under the banners of “hip-hop” or “rap”, yet attempts to pin down the superlative creativity and genre-bending originality both groups radiate often miss the mark. Thus, The Seattle Times turned to the artists themselves to interview each other in an exclusive feature that taps into both groups’ musical psyches. In the interview, THEE Satisfaction songstresses Catherine Harris-White and Stasia Irons, query Shabazz on their shared experiences working within the Seattle music scene. The groups get candid on a topics ranging from the infamous Seattle rain to performing each other’s songs on stage and recording together in studios. Sub Pop Records will release albums for both artists this year and they have booked a show at Neumos February 17 that will ensure to keep you “sweating through your cardigans.” To read the full article follow the above link.

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January 20, 2011, 3:09 pm
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GigMaven, a website dedicated to helping artists connect to live music venues, has just expanded its services to our fair city. Via an innovative online interface that boasts more than 8,000 users, Gigmaven endeavors to streamline the often time-consuming booking and scheduling process for both independent musicians and the venues which host them. The site has already joined forces with a number of Seattle hotspots, including Nectar Lounge, Neumo’s, Chop Suey, Gallery 1412 and Lo Fi Performance Gallery, and will also feature venue searching and promotional assistance tools. Here’s the kicker: the service is all free! For more information on Gigmaven or to register your band, follow the above link.

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January 11, 2011, 3:01 pm
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Sub Pop
In case you haven’t heard the circulating rumors, or if you have been waiting for confirmation from a reliable source, Seattle indie-folksters The Head and the Heart have a self titled album coming to record stores on April 16. If you can’t wait that long for the album to drop, never fear, it is available for digital download right now! A few of the tracks are totally free for your listening pleasure including the previously unreleased song “No One to Let You Down.” For a little icing on the record release cake you can see them live this Friday at Neumos with Curtains for You and Lemolo. Click the link above for more about the band and access their music. Click here to see the Ballard Sonic Boom’s number one selling record of 2010.

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September 24, 2009, 11:02 am
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Seattle Weeklydecibel-sightbelow
On an early evening in late August, Sean Horton, the co-founder of the six-year-old Decibel International Festival of Electronic Music Performance, Visual Art and New Media–aka Decibel Fest–walks into Neumos, stops about 15 feet back from the stage, and begins explaining how he’ll turn this currently barren space into a multimedia Rubik’s Cube. The once local, now global electronic fest runs Sept. 24–27. On opening night, a combination of LED lights and stretched white fabric will turn Neumos into an emerald mini-city. Since its inception in 2003, after Horton returned from Montreal’s Mutek festival obsessed with starting something similar in Seattle, one of the Fest’s key concerns has been pairing the aural and the visual. Along with a commitment to stimulating ears and eyes simultaneously, the event always focuses on subgenre-spanning underground dance music. Everything from breakbeat and electro to deep house, IDM, dub-step, and beyond will get thrown at festival-goers from a wide swath of electronic-music artists who often aren’t as recognizable as their subgenres of choice. With such a cosmopolitan, eclectic schedule, the Decibel Festival is not only the Northwest’s premiere showcase for underground electronic music, but en route to becoming one of the best in North America, next to Montreal’s Mutek and Detroit’s DEMF/Movement.


Three Imaginary GirlsRobinpecknold
This past Saturday night Neumo’s hosted the final night of the Vera Project’s annual “A Drink For The Kids” fundraiser. The killer lineup of Grand Hallway, Throw Me The Statue, and Robin Pecknold was a perfect conclusion to the week’s celebrations. Check out these great photos of the benefit!