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The Seattle Times
Following the news that the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a proposal to apply to the Washington State Liquor Board for extended bar hours, The Seattle Times writer Nicole Brodeur contemplated the pros and cons of this potential change in her latest column. Her biggest concerns? Patrons continuing to drink and bar crawl through the extended hours created, disrupting neighborhoods already impacted by high pedestrian traffic from nightlife businesses. But talking with nightclub owner Marcus Lalario, who also sits on the Seattle Music Commission, Brodeur puts forth the benefits that can occur from extending nightlife hours in Seattle. In addition to the possible $3 million extra revenue, it will ensure that people are more easily able to catch cabs, give restaurants the choice to extend their hours too for more nighttime business, and draw more tourists to the city. Also included in Brodeur’s column is a conversation with the Downtown Seattle Association’s Jon Schole and a study done by the Responsible Hospitality Institute that examines how Seattle would react to a pilot program of extended bar hours.

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