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May 9, 2011, 12:47 pm
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SIFF begins next Thursday, May 19, and film buffs all over the city are already compiling their must-see lists. So what films should you make time for at SIFF? A good start would be to give some local love to films with a Northwest connection. This year’s festival boasts 17 feature films with roots in our own backyard. Be it the scenery (South Korean film Late Autumn was shot all over Seattle), the talent behind the camera (Steven Schardt and former Harvey Danger frontman Sean Nelson directed Treatment), or the subject of the film (If A Tree Falls… documents the Earth Liberation Front movement in the PNW, and Hit So Hard tells the life story of Hole drummer Patty Schemel, who was grew up in Marysville), there are definitely some compelling cinematic ties to the Northwest. Below is full list of films considered part of SIFF’s “Northwest Connections” program:

The Catechism Cataclysm, directed by Todd Rohal (USA, 2011)
Do You See Colors When You Close Your Eyes?, directed by Caleb Young (USA, 2011)
Hit So Hard, directed by David Ebersole (USA, 2011)
Holly Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians, directed by Bryan Storkel (USA, 2011)
How to Die in Oregon, directed by Peter D. Richardson (USA, 2011)
If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front, directed by Marshall Curry (USA, 2011)
John Carpenter’s The Ward, directed by John Carpenter (USA, 2010)
Late Autumn, directed by Kim Tae-yong (South Korea, 2010) US PREMIERE
A Lot Like You, directed by Eliaichi Kimaro (Tanzania, 2010) WORLD PREMIERE
Marrow, directed by Matt Wilkins (USA, 2011)
Norman, directed by Jonathan Segal (USA, 2010)
The Off Hours, directed by Megan Griffiths (USA, 2011)
Old Goats, directed by Taylor Guterson (USA, 2010)
Surrogate Valentine, directed by Dave Boyle (USA, 2011)
Treatment, directed by Sean Nelson and Steven Schardt (USA, 2011)
Winds of Heaven, directed by Michael Ostroff (Canada, 2010)
Without, directed by Mark Jackson (USA, 2011)

Visit the link above to read more about these Northwest films and where to see them during SIFF.

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May 5, 2011, 12:09 pm
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The full schedule for SIFF 2011 is finally here! Attendees will notice the introduction of 10 new “film pathways” to make film browsing based on mood easier. Looking for a romance? Check out the films in the “Love Me, Do!” category. Jonesing for some excitement? Take a gander at the “Thrill Me” films. As usual, viewers can also browse through the catalog of films on SIFF’s website by country, genre, director, venue and film program. This year, SIFF continues to branch out to neighboring suburbs outside of Seattle (as they’ve done in previous years with shows at the Everett Performing Arts Center and Kirkland Performance Center)and will host several screenings at Renton’s IKEA Performing Arts Center. The opening night gala will take place May 19 at McCaw Hall with a screening of the feel-good documentary The First Grader, which tells the story of an 84-year-old Kenyan villager who finally gets the education he wasn’t able to afford. SIFF will pay tribute this year to actor Ewan McGregor, honoring him with a Golden Space Needle Award for Outstanding Achievement in Acting and a special screening of his latest film, Beginners, along with other notable picks from his lengthy filmography. Also being honored this year is sports documentary filmmaker Warren Miller, who will receive the Golden Space Needle for Lifetime Achievement. The festival will run from May 19 until June 12. Visit the link above to read about other special events at SIFF 2011 and to check out all the great films screening soon at a theater near you!

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April 8, 2011, 12:40 pm
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The 2011 Seattle International Film Festival 2011 has an immediate opening for a Venue Manager. Responsibilities for this position include: Overseeing line management and crowd control; supervising front-of-house volunteer staff, interface with year-round theater staff and projectionist to coordinate show logistics; managing individual venue box office and merchandise sales; daily tracking and reporting of venues and generally ensuring a positive screening experience for patrons and guests. Candidates with previous theater management experience and good public speaking skills are preferred. Follow the link above for details on how to apply to this position.

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March 21, 2011, 11:46 am
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The Seattle Times
Ready for your three minutes of fame, Seattle filmmakers? The Seattle Times and Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) are partnering together yet again to present Three Minute Masterpiece (3MM), a digital film contest which invites Seattleites to submit video shorts of three minutes or less. Winning entries will show at SIFF 2011 and stream on, and one grand-prize victor will get a full series pass to this year’s big film fest! Here’s how it works: Make a three-minute film on any subject you like, as long as it’s suitable for a family-newspaper audience—i.e. skip on the gratuitous sex, violence or bad language—and then upload it to the 3MM YouTube Channel. Be sure to include your contact information with your film submission. The competition also has a special category for filmmakers under 18: The J. Michael Rima award for young directors will be handed out in addition to the 3MM prizes, and honorres will see their films screened as part of SIFF’s FutureWave shorts program. The deadline for all 3MM entries is April 25 by 11:59 pm. For even more scoop on the competition, follow the link above.

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