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Hey, Seattle! Chris Ballew Needs Your Help Making A Song!

First there were millions of peaches, lumps and kitties. Now there are googly eyes, butterflies driving trucks and stomping bears.

What could possibly be next from Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the United States of America you ask?

It’s up to you, Seattle. Chris needs your help to finish the new Caspar Babypants song “When I Was Little.” Don’t know Caspar Babypants you say? Ask the nearest five year-old—or better yet, ask their parents.

All you need to do is finish the phrase “When I Little…” with a memory from your childhood. Tweet it using #innwsong. Post it to in 25 words or less. Then join Chris either in-person or virtually on Wednesday, February 13 at the IN-NW 2013 Social Media Conference to hear “our” new song—and maybe the next big evolution in Seattle music.



The social music experiment is a collaboration between the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Chris Ballew as part of the IN-NW Social Media Conference. While participation in the experiment is open, those who take part may be asked to sign this release.

Questions? Contact Christina Donegan.



Reinventing the News, Cheezburger style
March 13, 2012, 10:12 am
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The Cheezburger Network’s Ben Huh is tired of the way news is being reported. He doesn’t think that it’s necessary to have 1800 versions of the exact same story, partly because many other worthwhile, less “sexy” stories get lost under heaps of hype over a single massive story. Huh is a doer, not a dreamer, however, and is setting out to create a new app that changes the way that people view news on mobile devices. The product he’s creating is called Circa, and it isn’t just another aggregator; the new app will make it possible for users to bypass the mounds of content available and follow a single story, creating a system where there’s one version of every big breaking news story, and everything else is additional context. The creators have yet to unveil Circa’s business model because it’s under development, but following the new traction and support they’ve gained recently, it’s possible we’ll see a revolutionary product in the very near future.

June 23, 2011, 11:26 am
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Giant Thinkwell
A Seattle-born company focused on social media fan engagement tools for celebrities, Giant Thinkwell launched its first official celebrity-branded game “Mix-N-Match” featuring Seattle hip-hop legend Sir Mix-A-Lot. Prizes are rumored to include something that should bring a smile to SWASS fans of a certain age: A ride down Broadway in Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Lamborghini with a potential stop at Dicks Drive-In. Xconomy Seattle has an in-depth article on Giant Thinkwell and other start-up companies that are connecting the entertainment industry with the technology and gaming expertise concentrated in the Puget Sound region.

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November 29, 2010, 1:21 pm
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The New York Times
The internet has taken over. Obviously, it’s infiltrated all aspects of our lives, and filmmaking is no exception. In a recent New York Times article, various methods for online interaction with film fans are explored. Hollywood and avant-garde directors like Kevin Smith, Pat O’Neill, Jonas Mekas, Ken Jacobs, David Lynch and others are taking advantage of personalized sites and blogs as well as Twitter to connect with fans of their work. Offering the directors’ own insights as well as opportunities to watch clips, make comments and purchase movie swag, these sites allow movie goers another dimension of enjoyment to the theater or home viewing experience. To read the full article, follow the link.

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May 14, 2009, 10:17 am
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Hollywood Reporter
Newly installed MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta has got his work cut out for him, as MySpace’s advertising outlook is so poor that it is now dragging down the once scorching-hot social networking category. According to a new report issued by eMarketer, U.S. ad spending on social networking sites is expected to skid by 3% in 2009 to $1.14 billion, primarily due to “problems at MySpace.” And while the online ad business is suffering across the board, and spending declines are becoming the norm, the anticipated decline in spending on social nets is stunning considering the meteoric rises in spending and usage of the past few years. eMarketer tracked revenue gains of 33% in 2008 and a whopping 129% in 2007 for the category. But clearly, momentum for social networking advertising has plummeted in the past year — despite the mass adoption of sites like Facebook and MySpace. eMarketer had already revised its growth predictions downward for the segment at least twice in 2008. Back in December, when the researcher lowered its 2008 ad spending estimates for both Facebook and MySpace (which account for the lion’s share of dollars in the category) — it also cited MySpace’s ad challenges as a key factor in the slowdown.