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The Lights Perform “Buttons vs Boulders”
July 14, 2010, 11:47 am
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The Lights Perform “Buttons vs Boulders”, posted with vodpod

“$5 Cover Seattle,” the Lynn Shelton-directed and MTV-produced docudrama, has released live footage of discordant local indie trio The Lights performing “Buttons vs Boulders.”

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Lynn sheltonSeattle PI
The MTV online series “$5 Cover,” which award-winning Seattle director Lynn Shelton is filming, will finish shooting in Seattle in the next two weeks.The series is a fictional account of a typical weekend in the lives of a handful of Seattle bands, including Whisky Tango, The Lights, The Moondoggies, Champagne Champagne and The Spits. Shelton, who was given complete control over the project, picked them not only for their music but also for their relationships. From story to setting, art imitated life. Most of the stories were either adapted from things the bands had gone through or could have, Shelton said, or the locations were cast as carefully as the bands, with starring roles for venues such as Chop Suey, the Tractor, the Blue Moon Tavern and Wild Rose. Read up on “$5 Cover” at its MTV site. The Seattle season is set to premiere some time this winter.


Seattle Timesthee emergency
MTV’s “5 Dollar Cover” is being filmed in Seattle right now, directed by Lynn Shelton. The show is a telenovela starring local musicians. Which ones? Well, the Maldives, Thee Satisfaction, Thee Emergency, Harvey Danger, Champagne Champagne, Tea Cozies, the Lights, Weekend, the Moondoggies, and others. The filming schedule includes places like “Mark Gajadhar’s studio” (he’s the drummer in Past Lives, and half of Weekend), “Sean Nelson’s apartment” (Harvey Danger singer, music writer), and “Moondoggies car.” It also includes Chop Suey (8/10; Thee Emergency performance), the KEXP studio (8/15; Tea Cozies performance), Easy Street Records (8/22; Moondoggies’ performance), Hidmo Eritrean Restaurant (8/23; Thee Satisfaction performance), and the Wild Rose (8/25; the Lights performance). Looks like shooting ends the beginning of September in Missoula with the Moondoggies