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In a retrospectively nostalgic and contemporarily exuberant recent piece of journalism from Seattle Weekly, “The Tuesday Night Music Club” covers the local music presence during the 90’s and ties it to the up and coming Seattle music scene today. The vignette recalls the “Tuesday Night” show slots as the lowest on the musical food chain, but also holding the most potential for breaking through and being heard. These smaller shows at the Crocodile Café and similar Seattle venues were the humble beginnings of grand musical careers such as Modest Mouse Death Cab, Harvey Danger, Murder City Devils, Pedro the Lion, Blood Brothers and Elliott Smith. As previously mentioned, the article looks not only backward, but hopefully forward at the burgeoning Seattle music scene and the new bands leading the heard. The piece highlights eight budding Seattle bands playing local shows similar to those epic “Tuesday Nights.” Featured bands include: Doctor and the Bird, Ole Tinder, Posse, Three Ninjas, Motopony, Legendary Oaks, Fly Moon Royalty and  Solvents (what! no The’s or Blacks in the names?). Click on the above link to read the article and check out the hot new “Tuesday Night” bands.

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