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December 9, 2009, 12:43 pm
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When the earth quakes, most people run for the closest doorway. Trimpin heads to the studio. The German-born artist-inventor has been generating sounds inspired by oddball sources since he was a kid. So when a tremblor struck his adopted hometown of Seattle, Trimpin tuned in to the sonic chaos. “I had tympani hanging on a catwalk that started to move back and forth, got out of control, and smashed to the floor,” he recalls. “Outside, trolley cables came together and created sparks. That was the inspiration to use seismic data as musical material.” So Trimpin designed giant marimbas that translate tremors into ever-shifting compositions. The Seismofone is one of several contraptions featured in Trimpin: The Sound of Invention, a documentary about his life, which is released on DVD this month. To read the full profile, follow the above link.